2013: dear friend, the new year of my life


As the seasons change and new years come, the one constant we have is each other. For no other gift is as large and no loss as powerful. No other passing as significant as those who will not be with us in the new year to come.

Friend, we share together our gifts and our artistry, our talents and our skills, our faith and certainty, our pain and our sorrow. We weave together our lives, side by side, in all weather. And for all of the strengths and admiration we have for another, we share in the most powerful and vulnerable of bonds…the timeless patience of accepting our flaws.

Friend, stand by. On the darkest days of history we have stood side by side with our enemies as friends; and, tonight we sit on top of the world and watch the new year arrive with it’s speed, fervor and relentless surety. So, keep your head up…because it’s coming.

But, do not fear.

For the year is but a measure, and time but a reference. You are beyond measure because you hold no yardstick to my talents and you make no reference to my flaws. And for all of my uncertainty you give me faith. For all my fears you give me strength.

Friend, You need not make any resolution. Because, with you, no broken promise will stay with me, no failed commitment will break my spirit, and no fear can live in the love you have shown me. That is resolute.

Tick. Tock.  Here it comes.

We watch the clock. But, it is not the clock we must set our eyes upon. It is each other. For it isn’t a single moment we seek to celebrate, but every moment; and in your eyes I see all of time, and every year that ever was.

May you continue to enrich my life.

Happy New Year


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