Junction signs distribution deal

Junction is officially on it’s way to a theatre near you. More press and news to follow–stay tuned! There is that question that starts to pop up…”So, what are you doing next…” …let’s just say producers never sleep…even when their first movie hits the theatres.Please give Junction a warm welcome when it comes to a screen near you, because with it’s success we can bring you both the talent and the stories that we believe should be told. The world is truly starving for great stories…and Choice Films Inc. & Choice TheatricalsRoy T McDonaldPat Patterson and myself have learned that great stories have the power to elevate themselves, and there is much credit to be given to those#filmfamily friends, both celebrity and unknown, who have helped Junction become more that a movie we wanted to make…and have made it a movie that the world can enjoy. Circus Road Films #voxer #wto #believe#dowhatyoulove #moviemaking #blessed Tony Glazer Summer Crockett MooreHarris DoranNeal BledsoeMichael O’Keefe. To many more days of doing what we love. Cheers friends.Thank you,



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