What is a Step Repeat?

Here is something you won’t learn in film school. You won’t learn about it when you train as an actor, and in fact, no matter the number of house parties and premieres you attend you probably won’t have any clue what it is. I sure didn’t. So what is this big secret? …this code-word? …this mythical double-verb-noun? It’s the step-repeat.

I repeat. A Step…Repeat. Did you get it that time? See, this is producer-talk/short-hand for a “step-AND-repeat.”

You would think that would clear it up. Right? Nope. Didn’t help me at all either. In fact even when busy with production activities (A.K.A. endless hours of calls and meetings) I still didn’t have a handle on this super-secret code word.

So here it is…the big reveal…you know that enormous backdrop that celebrities stand in front of when the press are taking their photos and interviewing them on the red carpet….yup. Thats it. That oversized placemat plastered with company logos. The runway for brand recognition. The graphical moomoo for those who want to be seen…that my friends is a step-repeat.

Now, when can you use this word? You get to use this super-secret code word when you have to call the graphics designer or the print house when ordering your….step-and-repeat.

That’s right, even print shops and graphics designers know what a step-and-repeat is, but not the producer. Go figure.

So, there is still that lingering question…why they heck to you call it a step-and-repeat? The answer will shock you. You may want to sit down first. Here we go:

It is called the step and repeat because when you walk the red-carpet: the goal is to be seen by all the press. So you

1) STEP forward, get your picture taken, and then you,
2) REPEAT the process…

…however many times you need to satisfy the blinding camera bulbs, rolling video cameras and live microphones.

And now that you know what a step-repeat is…here is JUNCTION’s fully proofed for the red carpet–at our release party at Bar 13 (PLUG) in New York City!



Advance Press Screening Today

Today is our Advanced Press Screening of JUNCTION at The Quad! And so it begins again … oh, and did I mention we picked up another city today!!!! YAH!


We did something a little new to the public relations world…in fact according to our reps…perhaps a first time it has ever been done in the movie world! We opened up the press screening to all film critics and reviewers around the world that have a blog and a voice….and invited them to an online/virtual press-screening of Junction.

When the RVSP’s starting coming in…we were thrilled that critics from around the world had the opportunity to screen Junction. Power to the People, er.. Bloggers!

See you at the movies!

Junction Ships to Theaters


Ladies and Gentlemen: our mastered DCP! (in the middle) Shipments go out today to theaters across the country as the Junction DCP gets loaded into their projectors! Thank you Nice Dissolve!

See you at the movies!

Get your tickets at http://www.movietickets.com.
If you don’t see Junction at your local theater, let them know! Theatre managers and owners want to hear from you! Or send them right to this page. They can contact summer@choicefilms.com for booking.

Junction Selling Out, More Cities

Hello all!

As expected Junction shows are already selling out!  And we just picked up another city…updates to follow!

For those of you who are now unable to get tickets to the already SOLD OUT show on 11/15 at 7:15pm, never fear! Any ticket for a show that day will get you into the red-carpet after-party at Bar 13 (which starts at 9:30pm). So, perhaps get a ticket for the 5:15pm show, then take a dinner break from 7pm-9pm, and you will be perfectly timed to hit the after-party! (And a full tummy for dancing the night away!) Or, see the 1pm screening, or the 3:10pm screening and then you will have time to go home for a disco nap and then come back out at 9:30 for the after-party!  So many options!  Including 4 other cities as of right now.   We are working on opening up other cities as tickets sales and press continues to run.

For all details on all cities, dates and time please keep checking:

Find us on Facebook and keep up to date minute by minute!


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Tickets Now on Sale, November 15th!

Advanced tickets for our JUNCTION theatrical launch in New York City are now officially on sale! Ticket info below!

Facebooks friends and fans be sure to checkout the weekend’s festivities. Watch the www.junctionthemovie.com website for all cities and dates!


We expect to sell out the opening night launch (with after-party) very quickly, so get your tickets now if you want to attend! We play Nov 15 – Nov 21st, with 5 screenings each day. See you at the movies!


Eagle, Owl, Stone and Pebbles

Little Owl, Mahican bird of flight,
Two birds of prey shared by chance a moonlight.
There’s only one moon for everyone’s sky.
No matter the night, same stars passing by.

Unfinished moment, wings lock together,
Eagle and Owl exchange a feather.
People of the un-still water’s still speak
One hundred remain, but their numbers weak.

’Tis why Little Owl must soar in the sky,
To show the world a night’s chat does not lie.
Silent in her flight and hearing acute,
Her conversation made turbulence mute,

An Eagle and Owl under the moon,
Late night on a branch, again sometime soon.

Nicholas Ridley and the Nursery Rhyme

“I don’t want to be here.  I really don’t.  You probably are wondering why in the world I would sit here talking to myself in the mirror, but I’ve been here for…longer than most.   Honestly, it has grown lonely up here.   I have a great view of the yard, but I do miss it actually being able to run around like the others not have a care in the world.   I still wish the wish that I was the little lion man running about.  Perhaps if I was as large as he I wouldn’t have gotten myself stuck up here.”

The well dressed mouse turned away from the mirror and walked over to his desk, an old matchbook opened up with with two of the matches turned on up as it’s legs, and the unfolded cover holding up the other side. The morning sun pushed through the vent and bounced off the mirror enough to give the attic a warm glow.   He pushed aside the thimble and a maple colored liquid splashed out.  He looked curiously at the small mess he made, and and then picked up a shaving of lead and began to write.

I have made the most of it…I have, but I am tired of chewing through cables and luggage, and I can’t stand going to the far side of the house.  I end up spending the rest of the day picking what feels like porcupine quills out of my toes from the pink sea foam.

My friends, well…they were my neighbors first, but anyway…they live next door at number 324 and I may have let it slip that people used to call me Nicholas.   Soon after that the rumors started and I tried to ignore them, and laugh it off, and pretend they were all crazy.   But the story grew, and so did my love for the liquid in my thimble that keeps me chained something that happened so long ago.

“No one names their child Nicholas!” one friend said.

“For a mouse, don’t be ridiculous!” said another.

The one that hurt the most was from my neighbor’s in 324.  They said, “I’d rather have my tail cut off than be named Nicholas.”

Pretty much from that day forward I have stayed up here.  At number 326.


Hi.  My name is Nicholas Ridley and I’d like to tell you how I got here.   I’m sure you’ve heard some version of this story before, but not quite like this.    And not ever from me.   Before I begin, there is something you need to know.  No matter what you hear and no matter what you think of me when I am done, know this: my best friends in the whole wide world were Hugh Latimer and Thomas Cramner.   And yes, together, we were the three blind mice.