Junction Selling Out, More Cities

Hello all!

As expected Junction shows are already selling out!  And we just picked up another city…updates to follow!

For those of you who are now unable to get tickets to the already SOLD OUT show on 11/15 at 7:15pm, never fear! Any ticket for a show that day will get you into the red-carpet after-party at Bar 13 (which starts at 9:30pm). So, perhaps get a ticket for the 5:15pm show, then take a dinner break from 7pm-9pm, and you will be perfectly timed to hit the after-party! (And a full tummy for dancing the night away!) Or, see the 1pm screening, or the 3:10pm screening and then you will have time to go home for a disco nap and then come back out at 9:30 for the after-party!  So many options!  Including 4 other cities as of right now.   We are working on opening up other cities as tickets sales and press continues to run.

For all details on all cities, dates and time please keep checking:

Find us on Facebook and keep up to date minute by minute!


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