Happy Babylonian New Year!

The tradition of the new year’s resolution is quite ancient.  In fact, can you remember when there wasn’t some cultural reminder of the New Year’s Resolution?  I can’t.  It’s before my time.   So I did some digging, turns out the tradition goes back to the ancient Babylonians as they made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts.

I think if I held myself resolved to those goals–my mortgage lender would be happy and my father-in-law would always get his tools back.  I’d be satisfied that I honored my resolutions, the bank would get it’s interest and my father-in-law wouldn’t be scouring around his basement looking for his circular saw all-the-while cursing my name.

Seems we have altered the ancient ritual a bit…and the result has left us laughing at our own resolutions and wondering why we don’t fulfill them.    So I will raise a glass to the Babylonians, offer my promises and share with my friends and associates across the globe this simple note.

May this new year give you something more than you had before.    Now don’t get me wrong.  More doesn’t mean more money–which maybe some of us could handle–but it also doesn’t mean anything in excess, except maybe a really good bourbon.  It is but my hope that you find yourself resolved to create moments of joy and time with friends…for that is more than I could ever ask for.

2013 brought many successes: Junction released in theaters, I’m becoming a regular at the casting offices for House of Cards and VEEP, I have the opportunity to work on a movie packaged by one of those big talent agencies, and just last week I was pitched a script from a veteran studio scribe that has written some of my favorite movies over the past 15 years–in which case my response to the pitch was, “yeah….maybe we could do this.”

Happy New Year!   I hope 2014 is what you make of it.


Bryan Deehring


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